Using Adobe Illustrator. create a book cover design for a book of our choice. The design should reflect the story the book is trying to tell, and contain a unique composition that adds to the aesthetic of the book.
For this project, I chose to portray Iain Banks' "The Wasp Factory". This book tells the story of a psychopathic teenager lining on a remote Scottish island. An extremely dark novel, what drew me towards this book was that it's content is often very disturbing for the reader, and as such i wanted to explore a book cover that would inspire the same feelings the book gives to readers, while at the same time allowing enough of a sense of mystery that the reader will want to continue with the book. Below are my sketches for the project.
Next, I moved onto moodboards for the project. As with the sketchers, I wanted to further explore my theme, concept, and composition using materials gathered from the internet and sites such as
Choosing to pursue the design incorporating the wasp, I set out to designing different compositions and layouts that I felt portrayed my book accurately and effectively. From there, I narrowed it down to my final design. Incorporating the wasp into it's designs, I chose to portray the blood as resembling the look of rose petals, reflecting imagery and tones provided throughout the book. Below is my final design.

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