An app design allowing users to brighten the days of their own friends, as well as people from across the world.
For my 4D final assignment, i chose to create an app prototype video using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. Initially, I struggled with developing a concept for the app direction I wanted to take. However, after some consideration I decided to pursue an app that allows users to see how their friends are feeling each day, and encourage them if they are feeling particularly anxious or nervous. As well, users can choose a country anywhere in the world and see how people are feeling that day, and can send simple messages of encouragement to them as well.
My inspiration is rooted in the anxious and depressive thoughts many people face in our world, today. After speaking with a friend who struggles with these things, she described to me that the reason she has found strong friendships through people she has met online (many of these people are from a writing site she participates on) is because to her, being able to speak to people so easily through text or messaging removes the feeling of shame many people get from having to approach someone about their struggles in person. Although it is much more complex than simply being able to message people, I tried to simplify my concept down to the roots due to the timeframe I was working with.
The project was about a week and a half long, in which I designed each screen and then later animated them in After Effects. My final screens and final animation video are below. 
Initial opening screen, allowing users to create a daily profile showing how they feel that day, as well as display how they are feeling through a color scale.
The user's custom home screen, showing how their friends are feeling that day.

From the home screen, a user can message their friends.

The globe screen, allowing users to pick a country and see how people from that country are feeling.
After choosing someone from that specific country, users can message that person words of encouragement.
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