A multi-purpose running app that allows for seamless team communication, scheduling, and workout routines.
For our final assignment in my Digital Survey I class, we were to develop a concept for an iPhone (mobile) app and produce several high level assets that were key to communicating the essence of the app.
Inspired by my High School track years, I chose to create the designs for an app that would allow runners to sync their phones to their smartwatches, allowing instantaneous updates to their running logs as well as unique team, progress, and upcoming event settings. Below are my final screens.

Opening Screen

Team Page

Workout Selection

Workout Info and Sync 

Sync Screen

In addition to app screens, the second half of our project was to design a poster that effectively communicates the premise of our app and advertises it accordingly. I chose to continue the futuristic, light color scheme with hints of gold gradients being used to split the poster into sections, allowing me to use each section as a different function of the app itself.
Although it was not required for the project, I later decided to go back and create an app prototype video in Adobe After Effects to improve my skills in After Effects. The final project is pictured below, detailing how a user would interact with the screens.

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