Problem: Create a poster for a lecture series about contemporary design featuring a designer of our choice. 
For this project, we were to research and study the history, achievements, and lasting impact of a designer of our choice, and give a 5-7 minute presentation on them to our class. Additionally, we were then required to create a typographic poster (imagery allowed, but nothing complex) for a fictional design series lecture that our designer was having at RIT. 
Off the bat, I knew I wanted to be able to explore multiple variations of designs. Because of Shigeo Fukuda's extensive profile and works, I was able to come up with three different concepts that explored different color schemes, composition, and imagery. Seen below are my sketches for the project.
Next, I moved onto creating "Inspiration" boards (also known as moodboards) for the project. Although the sketches allowed me a basic idea of what I was going for, creating moodboards not only allows one to explored different design variations, but allows a unique source of inspiration from outside sources. I created three moodboards exploring different concepts and imagery.
For the next step, I went through each moodboard and made several different and unique designs that varied in things such as colors, composition, and imagery. I then set to work on creating variations of these designs, until I felt I had a sizable amount that would allow me to step back and survey each design specifically before moving on.
After settling on what design I wanted to pursue for my final project, I then worked out the kinks in my design and worked out what I felt would be an effective way to layout the text so as not to clash with the imagery that I wanted to keep as my focal point. Below, my final poster is pictured as well as a hanging poster display showcasing my design.
A strong advocate for peace, unity, and dicersity, I chose to represent all three virtues with the circling arms, coming full circle in order to form a shape resembling the red circle that is found on the Japanese flag. Below is my final poster, as well as a link to the presentation slides that I designed using Adobe Illustrator.

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